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For International Relations x Real Estate needs
in Hokkaido.

Invest Hokkaido ~ 2021/2022

Our hearts and thoughts go out to everyone who is affected by the ongoing global pandemic.

2020/2021 will be remembered as the years of COVID-19. Hokkaido was no exception to the challenges. This northernmost and largest prefecture of Japan holds a population of 5.3 million in 179 municipalities on a serene island of 83,454 km2. The pandemic has urged its adaptation to new orders and values. At the same time, it has aroused reevaluation and re-recognition of the old and conventional.

In this climate, our company has prompted to reposition itself by launching new real estate projects ahead of time, and by enhancing research works on regional development and welfare. Reformation of social institution and individual lifestyle will continue to accelerate into 2022. There will be much opportunities for everyone. Let’s talk Post-Covid. We would love to hear your needs and interests to invest in Hokkaido.


On-Line, On-Site

What if you can continue to search and visit a property in Hokkaido, or to meet with locals and discuss business On-Line, On-Site? Would you like to?

We are a research and communication company specializing in International Relations and Real Estate. The company roots back to 20 years of research and communication experience out of New York City, NY. Our work include field operation support of development project; research and facilitation for public media NHK, and more. We are right here in Hokkaido. We welcome your ideas.



International Relations

・International Communication

Hokkaido offers ample potential for investment and business opportunity. Be it to invest in the emerging world class resort of Niseko; to bring business to Hokkaido revamping its shrinking suburban communities, or to revitalize unused properties for new creative use or for the growing senior market, we can help.

・Local Establishment Support

A little support from local can make a difference when facilitating business establishment in a foreign land. We can assist your business and staffs from setting up to liaising with the local community. What’s even better in this climate, we can liaise from an office or on-site, offline or on-line, depending on your needs.

Real Estate

・Real Estate Transaction

A licensed English speaking Real Estate Transaction Agent is ready to assist your real estate needs in Hokkaido. Whether for business or personal use, when we find a candidate, we can visit and walk through the property together online via video communication. We are here, we got you covered.

・Management and Resident Support

When you or your staffs start to spend time abroad, we know how a little support from local can be invaluable. Case in point, non-resident property owners often find the need to have someone manage their mails and bill payments. We can process the bills and provide miscellaneous support to fill in the gaps.


Property and Opportunity

Hand-picked samples. Please contact for more with your needs and interests.

  • Kutchan / Niseko area

    Kutchan / Niseko area
  • Sapporo City area

    Sapporo City area
  • Chitose / Tomakomai area

    Chitose / Tomakomai area
  • Other Hokkaido area

    Other Hokkaido area
  • Unique Opportunities

    Unique Opportunities

It is indeed an unprecedented time of social disruption and profound changes for everyone. As we build new and better society together, we are hopeful people can continue to explore and share the charm and opportunity Hokkaido has to offer. We look forward to working with you.

Sincerely,Tomoo Sono

Tomoo Sono


Minami-3 Higashi-2-4, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan